The Nordic suggestions for your outdoor shelters that have proven positive effects on your mental and physical health. So, What is the Friluftsliv?

Research proves that something as simple as spending time outside can provide a powerful renewal for your mental and mental health. Aware of the healing power of nature, Scandinavians are now confronted with the philosophy of Friluftsliv, which now takes its roots from Norway, after concepts such as the Scandinavian life art Hygge and Lagom applied all over the world.

Outdoor life

In 1859, Friluftsliv appears in the poem called Yukseler, written by Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen. We can translate the English language of “free air life” of Friluftsliv, which he uses to describe the clear air and silence to clear the mind.

Nature loving exists in their genes.

The history of outdoor life goes back to very old times in the Nordics. Today, activities such as fishing, mushroom picking, beekeeping and trekking intertwined with their cultures continue as part of their routine lives. Sweden, a country of only 10 million people, has 25 non-profit associations affiliated with Friluftsliv, and 9,000 local and regional clubs have a total of 1.7 million members.

So is it possible to apply Friluftsliv in our homes? Here are a few suggestions!

Put the convenience in decoration to the center

Patio, terrace, balcony or garden, you can set up a pleasant living corner in the open living spaces of your homes. You can place soft mattresses and pillows on old palettes that you paint. Therefore, you can take your comfort dose to the next level with sinuses or tray stands that you can easily carry in rainy days.

Make open air invitations.

Closing to the halls with your friends on warm summer nights, do not watch TV series. Instead, spend time outside. Thus, you can carry your dining table to the garden and spend it at sunset with your loved ones accompanied by the sounds of birds. You can also have a barbecue and enjoy al fresco dining and chatting.

Sleep outside.
If we run the air conditioner or the fan? Forget them! You may be your savior with a tent, inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag set up in the garden. The key to the Frliluftsliv philosophy is to be outdoors.

Create a meditation corner.

Would you like to get away from the stress of the day in our urban lives? The need for relaxation areas, which we can stand a little at such times, is increasing. The concept of Friluftsliv underlines the meeting with nature in these moments of relaxation. In this way, you can enjoy reading the book under the vines and the sounds of birds.