The ideal of every woman to look beautiful and well-groomed without spending long periods with little product. How to make quick and practical makeup with basic products? Here are some practical makeup tips!

Makeup for women is one of the most popular and most time spent applications. However, some women have the opposite attitude. For women who do not like to make up very much, who do not want to spend a long time with makeup and makeup can be useful to browse our article. In our article, we give you practical make-up tips for a natural make-up without going into challenging applications such as contours, easy to make, you will look great with little effort.

Here are some practical makeup tips for beginners!

Skin Cleansing

First, your skin needs to be prepared for make-up. It should be cleaned, toned and moisturized with your previously selected moisturizer to suit your skin type. If you want your makeup to be more permanent and make sure the products like foundation and blush are spread without error, it is very important to prepare your skin for make-up. Make-up on dry, dry skin will prevent BB / CC cream and foundation from spreading homogeneously and will make the make-up appear in pieces throughout the day.

BB / CC Cream-Foundation – Makeup Tips

At this stage, the aim is to eliminate the color inequalities in your skin rather than closing it. If your skin doesn’t have skin imperfections like wrinkles, blemishes, marks, you can use light skin products that give little color like BB / CC creams to equalize the skin color. However, if your skin has wrinkles or flaws that you want to close, it is better to use foundation at this stage. The second important point after the selection of foundation and light skin products is to spread these products proportionally and to ensure the color uniformity correctly. Especially for beginners, it will be more practical to use a sponge.


As a next step, concealer can be used for problematic, spotty areas that you want to close on your skin. To achieve a bright appearance, to cover the bruises under the eyes, to hide acne and blemishes 1-2 tone light concealers should be preferred from your skin color. The use of concealer is optional. If there is no place on your skin that you want to turn off, only illuminators can be used at this stage.

Stabilizing Powder – Makeup Tips

Before applying eye make-up, especially if you have mixed or oily skin, your skin should be fixed with transparent powder. A stabilizing powder is important to prevent the make-up and shine of your make-up.


At this stage, the high-brightness headlamps are more suitable since the error rate will be less. Dark colors are not recommended because they may scatter and prevent fresh images. Earth tones or nude tones are ideal for eye makeup. The headlight palette used should be pigmented, dust-free and suitable for dispensing.

** Eyebrow shaping is very important in terms of the integrity and appearance of makeup. If there are gaps in your eyebrow pencil or eyebrows can be used. Which product you prefer can be determined by the ease of use.


Mascara is a must for makeup. Depending on the ability to comb and separate the lashes, it is also important that they are water-resistant so that the mascara you choose does not leak. Bristle or plastic brush depends entirely on your preference and ease of use.

Blusher – Makeup Tips

Blush is one of the cornerstones of makeup. It is one of the products you should use to give color to skin and give a vivid appearance. If your skin has a porous structure, you should not prefer glittering blush. because this will reveal your skin imperfections even more. For porous skin, you can choose matte blush. You can also choose to use a bronzer instead of blush to give your skin color and vitality.


When choosing lipstick, you should choose the appropriate colors for your skin tone. Light colors are more appropriate because they do not require lip liner and can be easily refreshed during the day. If your lips are dry, you should use lip moisturizers before lipstick. You can prefer liquid lipsticks priority because it is easy to release. Matte finishes, nude shades and non-drying lipsticks are the ideal ones.

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