Makeup contouring: Refine your nose, bend your cheekbones, make your eye look bigger… The contouring is based on a simple principle: we use a dark hue to shade, so to dig the parts of the face to fade, and a light shade slightly iridescent to give volume and illuminate the areas to highlight.
This professional technique, which Hollywood stars have always loved, has recently been democratized by “youtubous” American beauty, with ultra-pedagogical video tutorials. It is experiencing increasing success, especially among the younger generation.

Here are the techniques of contouring for each part of the face.

Concentrate, girls and prepare your makeup to do a little practice at the same time …

Dig the cheeks with contouring

With a beveled brush, shade under the cheek bone starting with the outside of the face.
Blend well until the color creates a shadow effect. Finish with an illuminator on the bone of the cheekbone.

Refine the nose with contouring

This is one of the most difficult techniques to succeed. It should be very lightly shaded on both sides of the bridge of the nose with a makeup a little darker than its foundation, but not too much to stay in the natural. Then we fade any demarcations with a large brush.

Open the look through contouring

With the help of a soft brush and a matte shadow, cream or powder, taupe color, the eyebrow bone is shaded starting from the outer corner and blending to three quarters of the eye. Be careful not to go too close to the nose, we then put a touch of illuminator just under the eyebrow, at the level of the accent.

Repilate the mouth through contouring

Just superimpose a color a lighter and slightly iridescent lipstick in the center of the lips or a tip of gloss.

Makeup Baking technique

Baking is added to the long list of makeup techniques that have emerged on YouTube. After the contouring, it seems that fashion is now cooking (to bake = cook!) Makeup. This technique is currently the buzz on the internet Discover this method which can help you to reduce the imperfections of your face and to put it more in value.

What is it about ?

Baking is a method that aims to achieve two main objectives namely, to keep the makeup and bring out the features. Presented by Australian make-up artist Heidi Hamoud, this process is based on a simple principle: lay an abundant layer of concealer on the skin and leave it in place for a few minutes to allow the body heat to “cook” and absorb better. pigments. As a result, the foundation adheres better to the face and holds much longer.

How to apply it?

To apply this method, I will start by moisturizing the skin around the eyes in order to reduce the risk of the appearance of fine lines.
I will then continue applying a thick layer of concealer, starting from the inner corner of the eye and stretching it to the temples.
Over this first layer, apply a second to the texture a little lighter, then pat all with a sponge.

This moistened sponge should be covered with a translucent layer that will be placed under the cheekbones, under the eyes and on the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the chin.

This step is important because I have to make sure that fine lines are not formed and that everything remains uniform. After that, it is allowed to sit for 10 minutes for the “baking” part of the operation, during which the heat of the skin makes it possible to absorb the hues and to hold them. Finally, you sweep away any surplus with a fan brush, and you will be cooked … well.

Tips and Advice

Although it has become viral only recently, this phenomenon is not new. Indeed, the drag queens used it to make their makeup stage for a long time and not have to redo a layer between two benefits during a party.
It is therefore a more appropriate technique for major events, such as parties or photo sessions, than for daily makeup.
I also recommend you do not use this method if you have wrinkles on the face or it will only accentuate them.
Anyway, the dosage and the application method can be adjusted according to the type of skin and face, and I will help you find the right baking technique to enhance the radiance of your face.