The most searched home decoration hashtags on Instagram shape the decoration trends and shopping habits.

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Instagram is now part of our lives. Those beautiful Instagram photos that direct the places we visit, the meals we eat and the travels we make affect our fashion and decoration shopping. The ‘likes’ we make for the products we like activate the artificial intelligence algorithms of the virtual world, and different products similar to that product are beginning to appear more. According to a study by British Compare My Move company, the most tagged decoration products on Instagram are:

#houseplants / 2.4M – Popular Hashtags

Compare The most searched tag according to data from My Move is #houseplants. To date, this label has been used under 2.5 million photos. So, the reason why we have a passion for houseplants in recent years, and we have made more room for green indoors.

#gallerywall / 1M

It requires skill to decorate the walls in a balanced way. Different frames, works of art, posters, photographs, appliques, shelves and clocks… Instagram is the source of inspiration chosen by 1 million people for questions such as bringing one next to each other and painting the wall, how to combine different styles together…

#neonsign / 702K – Popular Hashtags

Neon wall lighting, reminiscent of the disco style of the 80s. This is one of the most popular in Instagram for home decoration after the walls of hotels, restaurants and bars. Instagram’s inspiring fairies are waiting for you in #neonsign tag. For sometimes funny messages and sometimes with neon words that color the walls.

 #upcycledfurniture / 376K

In our lives where sustainability is becoming more and more important. it is much more valuable to evaluate the old by transforming the old rather than buying a new one. We now approach the environment more sensitively. And consciously in every step we take. Since we are bored with only the color or fabric in our homes. We prefer to give it a new look or load a different function instead of replacing a furniture.

#palletfurniture / 205K – Popular Hashtags

The inspiration codes of creating wonders for your home from old wooden pallets are hidden in Instagram. A rustic-looking bed, a plate rack for the kitchen wall, or a pantry shoe rack. Thus, the furniture you make by using time and effort with your own hands will increase the personality of your home and underline its original spirit.