What are the benefits of kissing? Tricks of Kissing, Benefits of Kissing in 10 Steps, Kissing Extends Life, Good Kissing Techniques.

Kissing makes people happy timelessly, and strengthens the feeling of love and trust in your relationship. In addition to the happiness that the kiss from the person we love has added to us, it also has great benefits for our soul and body. So let’s see what are the benefits of kissing.

Benefits of Kissing in 10 Steps!

  1. People who kiss their wives by kissing them every morning live 5 years more than others.
  2. Kissing and kissing is also an indispensable way for self-confidence. To feel happy and spiritually peaceful, kiss your loved one a lot.
  3. Kissing helps to burn calories, burn 2-3 calories every minute and double your metabolic rate. According to the researches, when you are kissed 3 times a day (for at least 20 seconds), you will lose 200-300 gr in a day. Then you can start the kiss diet.
  4. Benefits of kissing include removing all the stress on the body. It reduces tension and makes you feel good. According to medical research, kissing reduces the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  5. 30 muscles on your face work out while kissing. Your facial muscles gain flexibility and the drug of sagging cheeks is kissing. Since the blood flow will accelerate while kissing, signs of old age will not appear at an early age.
  6. Kissing is also beneficial for the heart. Since it creates adrenaline, more blood is pumped to the body, and this causes the circulation to speed up and therefore more oxygen to the cells. As a result of researches conducted in frequent kissing couples, it was observed that heart diseases were less and cholesterol and blood pressure decreased.
  7. Stomach, urinary tract and blood infections are less common in couples who kiss frequently. Couples strengthen their immune system thanks to the beneficial bacteria they interfere with each other.
  8. Secret antibiotics in saliva are transferred during kissing. There is also a natural pain reliever that reduces pain in saliva.
  9. Kissing reduces anxiety and increases the level of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a soothing soothing hormone.
  10. It is 200 times stronger than endorphine morphine that occurs during kissing.

The Effect of Kissing on Men

Kissing can affect women and men differently. The act of kissing has a binding effect on both sexes. The first kissing in relationships has a lot of meaning. Men often attach less importance to kissing than women. In fact, studies show that men can have sexual intercourse without kissing.

However, kissing a woman they really love also cuts men off their feet. Since kissing is part of the courtship ritual, men tend to value the woman they kiss more. The transmission of complex chemical tissues between kissing and people makes the woman across the man have a sense of whether the woman is the right woman.

Tricks of Kissing

Although kissing is a ritual that connects couples in itself, you can make the other person happier and excited by learning the tricks of kissing. First of all, start with not having great expectations about the first kissing. Maybe your first kiss may not be like in the movies, but not having great expectations will make you enjoy that moment more.

Kissing should be a romantic act. For this, avoid being too wild. It is necessary to be careful not to overheat when acting hot and heavy. Excessive saliva while kissing can make you and your partner uncomfortable. Of course, the most important thing to pay attention to before kissing is your personal hygiene. First of all, do not kiss if there are any wounds in your mouth. Mouth sores such as herpes and aphtae are suitable for passing over with kissing. It is also very important that your breath is fresh before you kiss. Be sure to brush your teeth and make sure your mouth doesn’t smell before kissing!