While new life scenarios give green light to sustainable and environmentally friendly designs, experts point out that combinations of textures, colors and materials that will make us feel better at home will come to the fore. With the comments of trend experts, they will shine the star in their homes in the new year: Here are the 2020 decoration trends!

Color of the Year: Neo Mint

The British WGSN trend prediction agency agrees that the calm and relaxing shade of pastel-dominant peppermint green in 2020’s color scale will mark the fashion and decoration world. Neo Mint is a gender-free color that integrates science and technology into nature, adding freshness to the space it enters. Jane Monnington, WGSN’s color director, points out the effect of Neo Mint color that identifies modernism with naturalness and nature.

The signals of the soft, powdered shade of pink, which is called ‘Millennial Pink’ in 2011 and still preferred in interior designs, are replaced by Neo Mint. The calm and pure shades of sky blue, the plum plum colors that mix pink and purple, turmeric yellow and earth tones are among the best complements of Neo Mint color in 2020.

Curved Forms, Neotenic Designs

What did the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer say? “A ninety degree angle doesn’t affect me; I am not interested in things that are straight, solid and not open to change created by human beings. These are the natural, free and sensitive curves that really impress me. ”Curved surfaces that give the space a dynamic charm and fluency find their place in new designs with rounded forms.

Neotenic furniture and accessories, which gradually shine in the design world, also follow the trend. Neotenic means that a design has cute, fat, knuckle and puffy forms and has a childlike appearance that makes people happy. “The common point of neo-classical designs is referring to a form, expression, or character that relates to the user’s childhood,” says Justin Donnelly, one of the creators of the Jumbo brand.

Black Kitchens – 2020 decoration trends

Designers highlight black in new generation kitchens. The black marbles used in the benches are accompanied by matte polished black wooden cabinet doors and stainless steel black surfaces. Black, which creates a contrasting beauty with white ceramic tiles on the walls, also appears in the selection of armatures and furniture. In the new kitchen designs that form a harmonious whole with natural materials such as straw and bamboo, the understanding of goods as much as necessary prevails in the pursuit of a sustainable approach.

There is no room for surpluses that strain the eyes and constrict our souls! We tend towards environmentally friendly and healthier products in our consumption. You can make room for plants and culinary herbs that you can grow at the bottom of the window and follow the path of naturalness in the materials you use.

New Flow in Homes: Biophilic – 2020 decoration trends

The concept of biophilia, defined as love for living and living systems, comes from the word ‘biophilia’. According to biophilic people, it is assumed that people have an internal connection with nature that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. American biologist Edward O. Wilson, in his 1984 book “Biophilia”, defines this inner bond as nature and communication with all living things.

As experts say today, it is good for us to include green more in our lives. Interior designers and architects apply green walls, plants, garden, terrace and balcony constructions that allow to spend more time outdoors in the places where they construct a biophilic approach.

2020 designs invite nature to our homes while making more room for plants and green in homes. Because we now know that being in direct relationship with nature for man; low blood pressure and slow pulse means relaxed muscles, improved focusing ability, decreased stress hormones and high problem solving, so creativity skills.

Geometric Carpets – 2020 decoration trends

The new carpet designs in geometric form that we encounter during Milan Design Week find their place in 2020 decoration trends. Visioni series designed by Patricia Urquiola for CC Tapis brand, carpets designed by Matteo Cibic for Jaipur Rugs or The Two Trichroic carpet designed by Rive Roshan for Moooi brand are the best examples of this. With optical illusions and geometry games, carpets gain an artistic meaning and importance. Combining striking color combinations with unusual motifs, the models add a different dimension to the floors.